Professional, High Quality, Punctual, and Courteous.

We have a staff, and a network, of Legal Videographers to meet your needs

for depositions, site inspections, medical exams, and more.

Certified Legal Video Depositions, Atlanta, GA

We Know Depositions

Having over 1000 depositions under our belts, we have a complete understanding of the process, flow, and expectations.

We Know What You Need

Whether it’s quality video and audio, custom read-ons, the need for synchronization, video editing, or simply turning time stamp off, we have you covered.

We Hear You Thinking

We are a neutral party, and flies on the wall. Our staff understands the importance of your job, and know when to remain silent. Courtesy is key!

We Respect your Schedule

Time is money, and we understand. Our videographers arrive an hour before the scheduled start, to be fully set up and ready when you are.

DVofA is as Flexible as You Are.

While we are based in Atlanta, we will travel throughout the Southeast. Just tell us where you need us!

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